What I did during the Summer

By Elizabeth

This is my first week of summer vacation. School ends here around June 20, way later than Forks, and it starts earlier too, in August sometime.

On Tuesday we went to Mikurajima (or Mikura Island) and swam with dolphins, but that’s not where is started. First we had to ride a ferry boat for 8 hours and I was seasick almost the whole time. It hurt so much but I was ok. The boat was called the Silviamaru and it was nice, but the wind and rain was so bad they could not stop at our island. We had to pass it and try to land on the way back.

The weather improved and we landed and all got better and we ate food we had packed. We had to sign in for the cabin (they called it a “bungalow” and it had a fan, a light and a floor, that was it.) Then our friend Mio san brought equipment for us and a wet suit for me. When I did that the real fun started.

Then we got on the little boat and went around the island looking for wild dolphins. When we started swimming it was fun. We were so cold in the ocean, but we had to get dolphin pictures. I wish my friend Ryerlin could have been swimming with me. Then we were finished and took the same boat back home the next day and the trip ended.