The Crypto Cash Calendar by Charlie Shrem [Review] Is It Worth It?

You may have heard about crypto and wanted to venture into the crypto sphere as an investor. However, this requires meticulous planning and research before committing otherwise, you will lose your hard-earned capital.

The Crypto Investor Network

The Crypto Investor Network is a monthly periodical from the team led by Charlie Shrem published on Investor Place. The team looks into exciting openings in the crypto space, including new cryptocurrencies or upgrades to existing projects.

They have come together to unleash a guide to events surrounding the crypto ecosystem dubbed the Crypto Cash Calendar. You can access the calendar by simply subscribing to the Crypto Investor Network. The exclusive membership has been priced at only $99 annually.

About The Crypto Cash Calendar

Introducing the Crypto Cash Calendar, a platform by the Crypto Investor Network team and Charlie Shrem. It is a compilation of dates and events that are relevant to the Crypto Space. They also offer suggestions on what to buy or sell, and trading signals and will calculate how much you’d rake in if you set out by specific altcoins.

Charlie Shrem has fronted the Crypto Cash Calendar as the ultimate guide to making more informed trades in Crypto.

“If you can circle these dates on your calendar, you’ll know which tiny cryptos to buy at the right time…and could set yourself up to make incredible gains”

There is however a list of requirements that has to be achieved for a cryptocurrency to be featured on the said calendar. This helps the potential investor as some of the due diligence has already been carried out for them.

You won’t need to make a colossal investment in crypto to make a killing. Charlie Shrem has suggested that once you have been equipped with the Crypto Cash Calendar, a minimum of $250 could suffice to make returns for the client.

His impeccable timing has been instrumental in making absurd profits for their clients. In the past, he has made recommendations that have posted mega returns. This includes:

  • The Voyager token has recorded a 600% spike in just 6 weeks.
  • Cardano when was still at its infancy stage and has since registered a 5,280%.

This Crypto Cash Calendar could give you an edge over other investors as it affords you the chance to get in on the action early enough thus allowing you to make huge returns. He has cited a few examples where his clients might have made big bucks by utilizing his recommendations;

Flipping $250 into $10,857

In December 2018, if one had purchased some Ethereum which had been valued at $109, it would have flipped a $250 to over $10,857 currently. This illustrates how crucial timely information is.

Turning $250 into $26,541;

Alternatively, if one had decided to acquire the Binance Coin in January 2019, armed with only $250 you could have effectively turned it to $26541. If you chose to invest three months later, you would have reaped $15,288, while if you had waited another six months it would have resulted in a $3,514 yield at this very moment.

Turning $250 into $14,550;

Notably, buying $250 worth of Cardano in January 2018 would have given returns of close to $14550 today.

These examples highlight the importance of having timely and accurate information. Charlie Shrem seeks to leverage his prediction prowess to help like-minded individuals maximize their profits.

Requirements a Cryptocurrency has to meet to be featured on Crypto Cash Calendar

They have stipulated a few bare minimum requirements that a coin has to meet to be onboarded on the platform.

Presence of inherent value: this means that the coin has to have some real-life problem it is geared to solve. This while making life easier for the people who are to use it.

Be geared to solving an issue affecting a lot of people: this means that the project should not be too specific but rather should tackle issues affecting a lot of people. He has highlighted Chainlink as an example of a coin that has been built on cutting-edge Blockchain infrastructure. Their smart contracts have been a favorite of some of the tech giants such as Google and Oracle. Since its launch in 2017, it has seen its value grow by 19000%.

Maximize growth: the underlying development and management team must comprise visionaries and innovators who target exponential growth. Charlie Shrem will often analyze the team to ensure they have what it takes to see the project through.

Charlie Shrem has listed 4 criteria but has intentionally left out the last one

Features of the Crypto Investment Network

One-year membership with every subscription. After the lapse of one year, your registered mode of payment will be deducted another $99

Once you are a member of the Crypto Investment Network, you will be granted access to the Crypto Cash Calendar. This will update you on any new updates for all the coins they have onboarded. The calendar will offer timely tips on where to invest and what to possibly expect in terms of returns. You will also get access to their main portfolio which includes previous recommendations they have made. This allows you to strategically mimic the investments Charlie Shrem and his team have made to ensure you reap maximum returns in your investment journey.

You will get a special report on predictions of the next big coins. This will be all you need to know about the coin, including research, tips on how and where, and how to buy cutting you in on the action before the coins are adopted to the mainstream market.

By subscribing to the Crypto Investment Network, you will get tips on the projects that are projected to skyrocket. This will include a list of cryptos that are set to grow tenfold from projections made by their team.

You will get your hands on a list of up to 27 cryptocurrencies that are highly valued at the moment but won’t be around for long. This allows you to sell before they eventually disappear from the markets.

It is also inclusive of a guide dubbed Altcoin Investing for Beginners. This has been designed to help rookies determine the best altcoin investments to make despite having no prior trading experience.


How Much Is The Crypto Calendar?

According to their official website, an annual membership for the Crypto Investing Network has been priced at $99. After every 365 days, your preferred mode of payment will be charged another $99 to renew your annual subscription.

There is also a 100 money-back guarantee on your membership fee if you subscribe and it is not to your expectations.


The crypto sphere is not a get-rich-quick scheme as it may have been put out. You will require research and a decent amount of capital to get started. Being in a position to access the Crypto Cash Calendar will help you with the research as well as offer helpful tips on when and how to maximize your returns while avoiding rookie mistakes. The timely predictions will give you an unprecedented lead over other investors who don’t have access to the Crypto Investment Network and the Crypto Cash Calendar.

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