Ready or not …it’s the 4th of Julyand my own private concert ….

Well, just a few days away and we will once again be celebrating the birthday of our country! Last year was a hurry up and wait to see what we could do and even though we have had time to plan this year’s events …it seems I could use more time.

Thanks to our Hometown Heroes Larry and Sherry Baysinger for letting us honor them on the 4th float and thanks to Kandi and Richard Lohneis for being our Grand Marshals this year. My good intentions were to have their interview completed for this paper but with the nice weather and celebrating a 46th wedding anniversary this past weekend …I just could not find the time to finish that task.

That being said and due to the 4th falling on my regular deadline day next week…I will be doing a quick turnaround for the next paper! Because Monday I will be full-on 4th of July-ing (which is not a word). Anyway, I will have those interviews and photos of 4th activities asap!

The 4th committee has lots of great things planned this year and if anyone reading this ever wanted to have even more fun on the 4th consider volunteering! There is still time …also if you should wake up on the 4th and just have a hankering to be in a fabulous parade just come on down to Pacific Pizza and I will get you signed in and you won’t regret it!

I was reading an old article about an early 4th celebration here in Forks in the early 1930s. The committee that year spent $3,000 on the celebration. According to Google that is $50,000 in today’s money!? They spent $1,200 of the money just on advertising and according to the story about 3,000 people showed up …the town couldn’t even accommodate 300 …but they worked it out!


Week before last a family from Eastern Washington came to the area to hike …problem was they also brought their son and his cello and violin …the son was not the problem but what to do with the instruments was.

So I cared for them at the Forks Forum office for the week and on Friday when they returned I was gifted my own private concert. Thanks to River for playing me some Beethoven, he was on his way to cello camp in Portland.

Have a great 4th of July

Christi Baron