Clallam Bay Students.

Clallam Bay Students.

Elks hold annual student banquet

  • Thu May 17th, 2018 7:51pm
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This year for the Elks Student of the Month award it was decided that more should be done than just voting on a student of the month. Each month at FHS a character trait is chosen and teachers send nominations of students who display this trait. From this list a senior boy and girl who exhibits this character has been chosen.


William (Kayden) Paul and

Herlinda Martin-Perez

Respect at Forks High School is seen in many students but Kayden Paul was chosen to receive this years Student of the Month achievement for respect. He shows respect to his teachers as well as his pears. At his places of employment he is courteous to customers and makes them feel valued. Thank you Kayden for always being respectful toward staff and others.

Herlinda Martin-Perez came to Forks High School her freshman year. She has been recognized by many teachers for multiple character traits. Herlinda doesn’t let obstacles get in her way. She plans ahead, she works hard and she she succeeds with humility and respect. Herlinda is determined to make the most of her education. She pushes herself academically, daily, and always goes above and beyond. She is a worthy recipient of the Student of the month award.


Cassie Garcia Vasquez and

Isaias Mena

Cassie Garcia Vasquez shows her trustworthiness through her responsible behavior in class. Cassie struggled with her senior project but she was determined to complete it and present on time. During this stressful time she completed the project and learned many coping skills to help her in the future. She said she would finish and she did.

Isaias Mena demonstrates his trustworthiness everyday toward his school, his academics, his teachers, and his peers. He is chosen for this Student of the Month award because as one teacher said “He seems to live by the golden rule.” When he says he will do something, you can count on him following through with all of his energy.


Savanah Norbisrath and

Izaiah Calloway

Savanah Norbisrath is a running start student and was nominated for the character trait of determination. She will be receiving her AA from Peninsula College as well as her high school diploma. Savanah is the senior class Vice-President and recently received a Gold Medal of Honor from the Girls Ministries Department of Assembly of God, and was the first in Forks to ever receive this medal. Savannah also works at Thriftway making her a shoo-in for representing Determination and the Student of the month award.

Izaiah Calloway has been selected to represent Determination and a Student of the Month award. He began the year worried about completing his senior project, but he worked diligently to finish and now has more confidence in himself and his abilities. He is determined to tackle his next challenge with less stress and have more faith in his abilities. He plans on enlisting in the U.S. Army, and we have no doubt that his determination will help him continue to be successful.


Lilly Pinard and Thomas


Lilly Pinard has overcome many obstacles in the past few months but now has arrived at graduation. One teacher wrote, “She is determined to be successful and has really zoned in on what she needs to do.” For this reason she has been nominated for Making a Fresh start and a Student of the Month.

Thomas Jackson was noted, “As a student who came in this year ready to work.” One teacher said he has completed every project and shows a genuine desire to produce quality, meaningful work. Great job Thomas for making a fresh start.


Autumn Greiner and

Marco Reyes

Autumn Greiner is a caring person toward her peers, her teachers and staff and carries this trait into the workplace. She is willing to help others do better in class and she genuinely wants to make their lives easier and better.

Marco Reyes is always conscious of the impact things could have on others and acts in an honorable manner. He asks for things if he needs them, but is not demanding or intrusive. He values the time that others put into things, including his teachers and classmates, and does not do anything to intrude on it. It matters to him that things go smoothly and he does his best to help that situation.


Brynn Peterson and

Samuel Gomez Ahilon

Brynn Peterson takes her academics extremely serious, pushing herself over and beyond, while balancing responsibilities outside of school. One teacher wrote “She has shown tremendous growth since her sophomore year! She impresses me daily with her work ethic!” Another teacher said, “Brynn’s attitude sets a higher standard of expectation for the entire class. Given these recommendations she is definitely responsible and worthy of the Student of the Month award.

Samuel Gomez Ahilon is determined to make the most of his education. He pushes himself academically, as well as during his sports activities. He knows how to align himself with people who can help him, and he does a great job of keeping up with due dates and his requirements. He is always going above and beyond, which makes him a perfect nomination for responsibility and the Student of the Month.


Amber Hoagland and

Keith Kullander

Amber Hoagland demonstrates fairness in all sense of the word to her peers and to her academics. One of Amber’s teachers said “I am a better teacher because of you. Thank you for being such a good person, inside and out.”

Keith Kullander is always very level headed and thoughtful when making decisions. He was acknowledged for being respectful in how he carries himself and how he greets teachers outside of school. Keith always gives a fair evaluation in his conversation about classes and FHS in general said one of his teachers.


Sage Baar and Marshal Grant

Sage Baar is always looking out for others before herself. She is always wanting to put a smile on people’s faces. She cares deeply about how this school operates, how others are treated, and all while caring for herself as well. She is a great leader because she cares.

Marshal Grant is an overall kind and caring person. He rarely turns down a request for help, and you can tell that he genuinely cares about others and wants to make their lives easier and better. He is a leader who wants the best for students, staff and school.


Wynter Lapin and Andrew


Wynter Lapin has come a long way since the beginning of her high school career. The journey has been long but she has refused to give up. She takes on a lot of responsibility for her younger siblings and does so gladly. She continues to surprise and impress us with her ability to improve herself and her situation, and deserves the nomination of most improved and student of the month.

Andres Wilder Burks has been nominated for most improved for his senior year. Throughout the course of his senior year Andrew has had a difficult time transitioning to being a senior, but despite the troubles he has encountered he has overcome them and continued to attend school and put forth his best effort. He is very thoughtful and intentional in his actions, and helps take care of the people around him. We know that Andrew will continue to improve on his situation, which is why we feel he deserves recognition as most improved and student of the month.


Marissa Bailey and

Scott Archibald

Marissa Bailey is a student that could have been nominated for most of these character traits. As a student she has excelled in her studies during all four years, earning her the title of Forks High School of Valedictorian. That title takes determination, which she has shown not only in her studies but also in the sports she participated in. Marissa competed in cross country, wrestling and track making her a three-time Scholar Athlete as well. Marissa plans to attend Gonzaga University in the fall. For her mastery of all she has done in high school we want to award her Student of the Year!

Scott Archibald was recognized by teachers as having a strong moral compass. Scott played in band all four years of high school and always knew his part. He wasn’t afraid to ask questions in his classes and because of his enthusiasm to learning, he has earned the distinction of Salutatorian for his graduating class. Scott played basketball and track but also worked for Masco throughout his senior year. Scott will be attending Gonzaga University this fall. Because of all that he has accomplished, Forks High School would like to give the award of Student of the Year to Scott for his overall excellence in all that he does.


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