Mother knows some things but Dad knows best?

  • Fri Jun 13th, 2014 11:43pm
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For Mother’s Day I asked friends for some words of advice that their mother’s had shared as they were growing up and received a good number of comments. So that dads get equal time, I did the same thing this week for Father’s Day and got way more “advice,” apparently fathers are way more full of it, advice that is, so, here are some words of wisdom via our dads.


Starla Engeseth Daman – For sure and some I can’t post LOL.


Kip Henricksen – Don’t let your alligator mouth override your hummingbird a** comes to mind.


Su Kirk – You know why they call it dope, don’t you?


Janet Hughes – You can be anything you work to be.


Cora Musick Fletcher – If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned!


Cherri Rose Bolin-Topp – And we are off like a herd of wild turtles. When we were getting ready to go some place. I’ve heard my nieces and nephews say it. Makes me smile.


Rhonda Black Allen – He always said when it was raining that Forks was having an “Oregon Mist” – It missed Oregon and hit Washington …


Kathy Rooks Kloster – Go to college, be able to support yourself and never depend on a man to support you! He also said nice girls don’t “cruise the gut.”


Glenda Davis-Klahn – Treat others the way you want to be treated. Another thing my dad always said was … A man is only as good as his word.


Bernie Nash – My dad didn’t give advice or words of wisdom as much as he gave an example to follow, and believe me he is a very difficult act to follow, only hope that some day I’m able to live up to the example he has set in his life that just ended.


Jo Ann Lawson – Don’t spend money you don’t have. If you want something, save for it.


Sue Nelson – Get an education, you may need it to support yourself one day


Bob McIntyre – Your job is not done until you would sign your name to it.


Cheyanna Strickland – My Dadda always said, “You can step in it or over it.”


Jessica Hurley – My grandpa told me when I was a little girl (as soon as I fell head over heels in LOVE with helicopters when I was 4), “If you want to become a helicopter pilot – you can do it.” I thought it would be cool to be a female pilot and he ALWAYS encouraged me when I was growing up to follow that dream.

Michelle Goos Carlson – My dad taught me that an honest day’s work is always something to be proud of, and no matter what you are doing, do it to the best of your ability. His direct quote, cleaned up a little for you, was “If all there is to do is shovel (dirt) for 10 cents an hour, then be the best (dirt) shoveler they’ve got until something better comes along.”


Jackie Mann – Don’t wish for what the Joneses have … the Joneses are in debt up to their eyeballs.


Bonnie Crisp Nelson – My father had some real gems, such as; “If you go past the eighth grade in school, you’re wasting your time. Beautiful.


Randi McColl – To always smile as it takes fewer muscles than frowning!


Jon Anderson – I graduated Friday night, started Voc school Monday in Tacoma. His words when he left me there: “You will learn more without a car. If you get yourself in trouble, get yourself out.” With that advise he let the clutch out and was gone.


Corlie Whitehead – If you have to kick the white line clean with your young, do it if that’s what you have to do to support your family or yourself. Do not depend on other people’s hard work to make a living, do not depend on government handouts to make your way. Work and do not be lazy. And if you party too hard, oh well, suck it up and go to work anyway. Someone is depending on you or you’ll end up kicking the white line! (We lived on the highway.)


Julie DeMars Ford – You play you pay.


Tina Reaume – If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


Kelli Miller – No, not really. Wait … I remember him telling me not to put my elbow in my ear – but that’s about it.

As with my mother I don’t remember any exact quote from my dad, but he did have a certain look that meant “You are pushing your luck,” no words needed!

Happy Father’s Day!