OlyCAP relocating Forks operations to DSHS building

New management for Forks Community Center

Port Townsend-based OlyCAP is moving its service office in Forks from the Forks Community Center to the DSHS building located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Bogachiel Way in Forks.


The new office is scheduled to open on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

“The move will put us in a convenient location near the hospital and we work closely with DSHS,” said Tim Hockett, OlyCAP’s Executive Director in a press release issued on Friday, Feb. 18. 

The non-profit organization had for a number of years managed the Forks Community Center and senior center in its new location, and in its old nearby location on Division Street. The Quillayute Valley Parks and Recreation District Board is installing new management of the center and boosting the number of events held there for seniors and other segments of the community.

OlyCAP has moved the weekly senior luncheon from the community center to a vouchers system that pays for seniors’ meals at the cafeteria at Forks Community Hospital. The statement from OlyCAP says the group has contracted with the Spoons Café in the hospital in 2009 and senior meals have been provided in the Café since then.  Applications for the senior meal program may be obtained at the Spoons Café. Seniors have sought to reinstitute the luncheon get together to provide a chance for socializing each week.

OlyCAP plans to continue to provide services in Forks. Services offered through the Forks office include energy assistance, emergency assistance through the Peninsula Home Fund, re-employment support, coordination of the Job Lift vanpool program and other information and referrals. 

The Forks OlyCAP telephone number of 374-6193 remains the same for the relocated OlyCAP office.