Rainfest lived up to its name

  • Fri Apr 25th, 2014 9:41pm
  • News

City officials and guest shovel operators break ground for the new Rainforst Arts Center.

Usually when you name something Rainfest it does not rain, but this year it was really a wet one. The umbrella decorating event had about 20 decorators according to organizer Carl Chastain, way down from last year.

Chastain said it was probably due to the weather. The umbrellas were made of paper so after decorations were applied each one got a coat of water proofing. As the children and umbrellas left the Peninsula College extension site each decorator got a shovel, too.

The umbrella parade went around the block and ended up at the future site of the Rainforest Arts Center where city officials and several invited guests were waiting for the groundbreaking event for the RAC. Gold shovels in hand, each took a shovel full of gravel, although some people, Lissy Andros, took a pretty small scoop, she later claimed her shovel was defective.

The oldest groundbreaker was Dorothy Burr.The umbrella decorators also took their plastic shovels and did a little groundbreaking of their own.Mayor Bryon Monohon said a few words as the rain let up a bit and the sun came out for just a few seconds, inviting everyone back this same time next year for the grand opening of the new Rainforest Arts Center.