Dogs and inmates get a second chance

  • Fri Apr 25th, 2014 9:30pm
  • News

Reis Lawson presents information on his senior project

Forks High School senior Reis Lawson’s senior project is raising awareness about the Olympic Corrections Center’s dog Program.  Lawson recently brought Buddy, one of the dogs in the program, to a Forks Chamber of Commerce meeting.

He explained how the program not only helps the dogs learn basic obedience, which will make their chances of adoption more likely, but also how the program has an effect on those incarcerated.

Inmates learn responsibility and respect and learn to care for something other than themselves sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Dogs selected for the program have had problems of their own, sometimes adopted and then returned for their bad behavior. The goal in training the dogs is to be around large groups of people and to be calm.

The OCC dog program is changing the lives of inmates and dogs and is maintained on very little resources. Lawson is hoping raising awareness will help with donation for the program, in anything from dog treats to other citizens going out to OCC and donating their time.

To find out how to adopt an OCC trained dog contact the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society or WAGS.

To find out how to help with donations for the program or more questions contact Jason Bennett at 374-6182 or by email at [email protected]