The Bogachiel Rain Forest Trail

  • Thu Aug 20th, 2015 11:42pm
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Top Row:Joseph Mariner


Do you ever feel like going to the Hoh Rain Forest, but maybe don’t feel like driving so far. Well, has the U.S. Forest Service got a deal for you!

The Bogachiel Rain Forest Trail is just 15 minutes from Forks, about 5 miles south on U.S. Highway 101, turn on Undi Road, across from Bogachiel State Park, and go about another 5 miles and you are there. Most of the road is paved, but the last section is gravel.

This best kept secret of this trail is it has no signage on the highway so it doesn’t get as much usage as it should.

This dog and family friendly trail provides a great opportunity to view old-growth rain forest in a wetland setting. Travel though old-growth spruce, cedar and hemlock with hanging mosses and a floor of ferns. The Bogachiel River can be accessed at several points before the trail reaches Olympic National Park boundary in 1.6 miles (no dogs are allowed in the park).

Last Tuesday I got the opportunity to walk a portion of the trail and meet the trail crew as they worked. For most this is their second year working on the trail. All the crew grew up in Forks and didn’t know the trail existed. The trail has several loops and horses are allowed on some of the trail.

A portion of the trail also runs through a part of the Morgenroth homestead.

So get in the car and check out the Bogachiel Rain Forest Trail.