The Rainforest Council for the Arts wants you to participate in Fun-A-Day: The Month of Creativity

  • Thu Jan 7th, 2021 2:51pm
  • News

Remember how much fun we had last year showing off our projects at the library?

Well, we aren’t giving up on our month of creativity. Fun- A-Day is something that happens all over the country. To be a part of this fun endeavor, each person decides to work on their art form every day of this month; in Forks, we call it the Month of Creativity.

Local craftspeople are saying they want to continue this tradition.

Pick a project and get started. There are endless possibilities. You can take photos, write songs, play the piano, knit and crochet or make things.

So we can’t get together and inspire one another, but now more than ever is a time for creativity in all factions of our lives. One speck of time in the day to foster creativity is like medicine for the soul and surely, there will be a way to share.

Even though it may feel like the dark ages, we are, in our solitude, carrying on. Be it writing, painting, carving, using needles or brushes or pens, throwing shuttles or remaking, reimagining or revising, this is still the month to do it. We’ll figure it out, won’t we? Let’s take photos of our work and later in the month, we will make a plan for how to share them.