Upper Hoh Road construction continues

Construction Activities

and Upcoming Work

Interwest Construction, Inc. (ICI) continues delivering material and pre-assembling dolos-log bundles for the Engineered Log Jams (ELJs). ICI also continues constructing the Engineered Log Jams at MP 4. Construction of these ELJs will continue down river for roughly 1,500 ft at this location. This work will take place over the next month and a half until the in-water work window ends Aug. 31. At the Tower Creek bridge, ICI placed the concrete for the bridge diaphragms and the deck curbs., and began constructing the formwork and rebar for the wingwalls.

Impacts to Traffic

• Travelers can expect Temporary Traffic Control Flaggers and/or signals at MP 4 of Upper Hoh Rd for ELJ construction and at MP 7.8 for the Tower Creek Bridge construction.

• Rafters/kayakers/boaters: Please use caution near the active ELJ work areas. Please keep as far left in the river as possible when passing by the ELJs

• Expect delays up to a total of 30 minutes per passage through the project corridor Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

• Olympic National Park and businesses along Upper Hoh Road will remain accessible at all times during construction.

For more information, please visit the project website at: