Voyage of a Lifetime

By Kendall Marshall

and Eram’e Tost

Forks High School students are continuing to make great strides and achievements in their academic and personal lives, representing our community in astounding ways. Sophomore Colby Barker is just one example of students expressing their dedication and passion for their futures.

Colby has recently been accepted into a highly competitive internship program for the summer of 2024. The program is a two-week voyage, provided by Deep Green Wilderness, in the San Juan Islands, focused on studying whales and their ecosystems. High school students from Washington and all over the country apply for the once-in-a-lifetime, career-propelling internship. Colby will be on board with other Washington teenagers, along with a student from France.

Colby was first introduced to the internship by Kera Mathes, a biology and marine science teacher at Forks High School. Colby stated, “I applied immediately after Ms. Mathes introduced the program to me.” He explains that he has “always loved whales” and is incredibly enthusiastic about pursuing a career in marine biology. During the voyage, Colby and his shipmates will learn how to sail, navigate the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and explore the Orca and Humpback migration routes. While not only being an exhilarating experience, Colby will earn college credit after completing his own Orca research project. He describes this experience as a “step into the doorway for a Marine Biology college-bound student.”

Kera Mathes, Colby’s Marine Science teacher, expresses that she is “absolutely thrilled and bursting with pride for Colby!” Continuing to add his passion and dedication to marine science is what makes him a “perfect candidate” for the internship. Congratulations Colby!