Whitehead’s sees third-generation owner take over the business

One of Forks’ longest-running family-owned businesses has recently been handed down to the next generation …the third in fact. As of April 1, 2022, Jonathan Whitehead is running the family business, Whitehead’s Auto Parts, in the same location his grandfather first went into business in the late 1960s.

Forks native James “Jim” Whitehead started operating Jim’s Mobil Service near Tillicum Park around 1969 selling Mobil gas and oil, tires, and batteries and also working as a wholesale distributor for Mobil products. Over the years Jim’s sons Victor, Marty, and Don all worked at the store.

In 1973 the location became renamed Whitehead’s Auto Parts and the gas pumps were eliminated. In 1980 the store became affiliated with Carquest, and in August of 1988, Jim’s son Victor Whitehead and Vic’s wife Corlie took on running the business. Over the years the building and the business have grown and grown …and family has always been a part of the success.

More recently Whitehead’s has become associated with the retailers’ cooperative NAPA Auto parts.

The colors on the building may have changed over the years but it’s still and hopefully will be for many years ….Whitehead’s Auto Parts.