Billy Allen Oldfield IV

Billy Allen Oldfield IV Billy’s friends and family are devastated to announce that he passed away suddenly on Sunday, January 6th, 2019. Billy lived an extraordinary life. He was born in Kansas on November 11, 1949, and the world would never be the same again. After surviving a rare form of cancer as a young child, he grew up in Montclair, CA with his two sisters Jo Stiles and Lynn Merchant, and mom and dad, Markie Oldfield Williams and Billy Oldfield III. He graduated high school, married Donna Clevenger and had a son named Scotty Oldfield. He began his accomplished career as a welder that he would continue on until he retired. He would go on to marry two more times, Kathleen McGadden and Vickie Oldfield. Within those marriages, he had two daughters, April Oldfield Mills, and Angela Ricker. He also gained a step daughter Jennifer Alaniz and a stepson, J Brennan. He moved around a lot within the Bay Area of California, but his tight friend group was a constant in his life. He spread love, fun, and his ornery sense of humor everywhere he would go. When his third wife passed away, he retired and moved up to Forks, WA to help his lifelong friend, Bob Wishon, operate his motorcycle campground. As an avid motorcycle rider, he was thrilled that it was now his “job” to simply hang out with other bikers and give them a good time. As he made friends with the campers that would come through Cycle Camp, and enjoyed being a resident of Forks, he realized he was the happiest he’s ever been in his life. He had finally found his home.

Billy was so loved because he loved. He touched people’s souls because when he was with someone, he saw YOU. The real you. He gave real hugs, the kind that makes you know you are loved, precious and treasured. No “sissy hugs” as he would say. He lived his life on the premise that everyone was worthy of love and he was going to make sure you knew it. He understood that life was full of beautiful moments, and it was his goal to help you have those moments.

He did not want to be mourned in death, but rather celebrated in life. If he has touched your life, the best way to honor him is to do what he would have done. Do a random act of kindness. Believe the best in people. Give out silly Valentines to everyone. Help people in need. Give real hugs. Be sincere. Don’t just watch kids play, join them! Never lose the ability to be silly. Most importantly, have fun! No matter what mundane thing you were doing, Billy always made it fun.

He leaves behind his children, his grandchildren whom he adored, his mom, his sisters, nephews, nieces, a bunch of family he’s not blood-related to, and countless friends whose lives will never be the same because he was in it. He’s now with his precious son Scotty, his dad and his other friends and family that have gone before him.

Finally, here are the last words he wanted to share with the world:

I would like to thank you

For your participation in what

I call this wild and crazy life

I had a lot of fun

But now I am done

And I have become

Comfortably numb – Billy O.