Duane Ellis Miles

Duane Ellis Miles was born in Forks, Washington to Gerald and Florence Miles, on July 10, 1943.

He was a lifelong Forks resident, played football for the Spartans football team, and graduated from Forks High School in 1962. He then joined the army for four years; while serving in Alaska, he became a part of a military cross-country ski patrol.

Duane worked in the woods all of his life, while also pursuing his love for exploring and hiking the backcountry timberlands. He had a passion for researching and writing about the history of the town of Forks.

For several years, Duane wrote a column in the newspaper, sharing some of his many wilderness adventures with interested readers.

Duane was an expert in hiking, hunting, and survival skills. He dedicated much of his leisure time to teaching youngsters in the Royal Rangers Program how to navigate the great outdoors, and most importantly, how to meet the author of life, Jesus Christ.

Duane is survived by his mother, Florence Miles of Forks, brother Ellory Miles of Beaver, son Nathan Miles of Mercer Island, son Joshua of Port Angeles, son and daughter-in-law Brandt and Melissa Miles of Port Angeles, son Isaac Miles of Port Angeles, daughter and son-in-law Tahni and John Mangino of New Jersey. Also, grandchildren Jacob, Brianna, Austin, Anastacia, Noah, Maden, and Inara.

Duane was a friend always ready to help if called upon, basing his life on his faith in Christ. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

A memorial service will be held at the Forks Assembly of God Church on Saturday, December 18, at 1 p.m.