Ed Finley


A Dream That Is Lived

This is the beginning of a family that starts,

With two young kids with two huge hearts.

He served this country from ‘54

And worked very hard and then there’s more.

Her place called home was Redtop, Missouri.

It’s where it all started as it becomes their story.

It’s now ‘57 in her Mom and Dads home

When the two are then married and now not alone.

They both loved music and the songs they made.

She loved to sing and just let him play.

They begin their lives during a time of struggle

When the county was entering civil rights battles.

The year’s ‘58 with a new mouth to feed

When the long family doctor delivered Jeri Lea.

It’s the year ‘59 when Carol arrives

And he’s working even harder just to survive.

Still serving his country and whatever he can

It’s now 1960 and then comes Kathy Ann.

As time continues and he’s serving his duty.

It’s 1962 and then comes Judy.

They’re living in Texas, Wolters Village it’s named

They both are committed and in this there’s no shame,

The Family kept growing by adding one more

Her name is Becky so now what’s in store?

For this very couple whose beginnings were small

Grew stronger in faith, then love and that’s not all

With them both working and doing things right

One would work days, and the other at nights.

In this one example is learned a true lesson

Being taught to work hard has been such a blessin’

Our parents they are the strength of the family

As we reflect back on all the good memories.

The wisdom that Dad would often expound

Left one to wonder with his thoughts so profound.

Then from the caverns of wisdom lying deep from within

An expression of thought that would come with a grin

As a demonstration and lesson on how gravy is sopped

A voice comes forth, “If a frog had wings,

He wouldn’t bump his butt when he hopped.”

A mechanical marvel was in Dad’s true heart

As he kept one truck running and two others for parts.

This was a challenge, but for him seemed a cinch

Like the pen of a ready writer, he had skill with a wrench.

With the memories of sorting first nuts and then bolts

For hours of time, left our hands very cold.

All the tools that he had was sure no surprise

When needing one that was special, he then would devise.

Whether the machines he worked on traveled land or by air,

He did with precision and took the most care.

Smeared grease on his face and all over his hands

Left no inch of doubt he’s a hard-working man.

Mom kept up with work and raising the girls

This was one, single part of her great big world.

She also taught lessons; the cookin’ and cleanin’

This came with a purpose and had much more meaning.

With biscuits that burnt and gravy turned lumpy,

Wasn’t hard to see why dear ‘ol Dad was so grumpy.

Let’s not forget those pancakes on a very hot griddle

With them black on the outside and oozed in the middle.

How ‘bout those beans with ham hocks we’d always try.

Left on the stove cooking ‘til they all went dry.

Mom’s peanut brittle; A memory for life!

Smeared all over the table, then chipped off with a knife.

Growing up in the south there was always iced tea.

Had to brew it just right and not make it too sweet.

Don’t ask about chicken, either baked or fried;

Wouldn’t come out right no matter how hard we tried.

Thought Dad would turn over a brand new leaf

After all the trials, he’s sticking with beef.

These are only a few of the memories we’ve had

While growing up fast with our Mom and Dad.

The things we were taught and lessons we’ve learned

Were, in themselves, true and those which in turn,

Became even more rich as the years have gone past,

Holding onto the memories and making them last.

The most precious lesson which they both worked to give,

Was not a life that is dreamed, but one that is lived.

Poem by Judy Finley

Memories by Mom and Dad

A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, April 20 at 11 a.m. at the First Baptist Church, 651 S. Forks Avenue.