Shaiyann “Sister” Aolani Cianna Cummins

Shaiyann “Sister” Aolani Cianna Cummins was born on March 5, 2004, in Port Angeles, WA. to Wendy and Robert Cummins, both of Neah Bay. Our beloved Sister earned her Angel Wings on September 18, 2021.

Sister had a way of making everything look like it came easy to her, and she was a natural at everything: a natural athlete who excelled at every sport she ever tried and had a special love for the game of basketball; a natural student who was constantly learning and had just begun her senior year of high school and running start; and Sister was a natural beauty with a 100,000,000 kilowatt smile that lit up an entire community.

Sister’s presence was felt everywhere. She often would announce her arrival as a former teacher of Sister’s said, “you heard her coming down the hall before you saw her”.

Watching Sister do anything was magical. She had patience when teaching her brothers, she danced her traditional dances with grace, and she played basketball with a deep passion. Her long flowing hair was her calling card on all of these activities.

Sister was also a natural model, who loved fashion, and was an expert at pulling an outfit together, accessories and all, that set the standard for new trends amongst her peers. She had that rare ability to look fabulous in anything straight off the rack. Sister loved the camera and the camera loved her, evidence of this is in every picture ever taken of Sister.

Sister was always surrounded by friends and family. Sis would often say, “my first best friend is my mom”, and it was true. Wendy and Sister didn’t do anything without each other. Even though Sister was the third baby for Wendy and Robert, she was the second Mama to all her siblings, which include two older brothers, Cody and Colton, as well as a younger brother, Caleb, and a baby sister, Armani. Sister and Armani were known to cruise to the beach or make TikTok videos together, always laughing together and having a good time. Her brothers and sister were her squad and she was certainly the leader. She was the best big sister, who selflessly cared for all the people around her.

Whether Sister was with family and friends, at home, school, work, or anywhere, laughter and shenanigans were sure to follow. Sister always greeted people with a radiant smile, but had a twinkle of mischief in her eyes as well. If you knew Sis, you know what twinkle I am talking about. That twinkle in her eye started young, too, and when you caught it, you’d find yourself thinking “what are you up to, girl?” Her usual hug and smile always had an accompanying wisecrack or giggle. Quick to joke, ready to prank, and always armed with her smile, a warm hug, and infectious laugh, Sis brought the good times with her and had the habit of making even the most mundane tasks fun and filled with laughter. If she was serious anywhere, though, it was on the basketball court. She played ball with a fierce determination, dedicated to practicing, Sis was incredibly focused when it came to the game. Basketball came to her naturally, she was a smooth, elegant ballplayer who made it look effortless and easy. Sister was also a selfless teammate who consistently made those around her better. More than just giving it her all to be the best, she gave it all so others could be their best as well. Sister was always looking to give others the opportunity to shine and truly celebrated the successes of her teammates. Sister was a crucial part of Neah Bay High School history as a member of the Lady Red’s Basketball Team that took 3rd Place at the Classic Hardwood State Tournament in 2019, her freshman year. If COVID-19 hadn’t hit, the Lady Reds were hungry and determined to take it all the next year.

The humor, the basketball talent, the way she had an inside joke with every person she knew…those close to Sis would say that was her. But those who are older in Neah Bay recognize those qualities as very similar to her late Uncle Shannon “Shadrack” Wright. While Shadrack and Sister were never able to meet face to face, those who knew both will agree that their meeting in heaven was followed up with an epic game of one-on-one, complete with smack-talking, encouragement, and storytelling.

Sister had aspirations to work in the medical field and was undecided if she were going to go for her Nursing or Doctor of Medical Degree. She had started courses through the Running Start program and was making plans to move away for college. Knowing her mom would move with her, Sister was looking closely at a few out-of-state colleges that would be both a great fit for the entire family, as well as provide her an excellent education. It took the entire village to support Sister to the point of being college-ready and the family would like to recognize Mrs. Serena Elvrum, one of Sister’s teachers at Neah Bay High School, who made a huge impact on her life and went above and beyond to ensure Sister’s success.

Sister was unfailingly described by her peers as a truly caring friend who often went out of her way to check on her people. She loved easily, and she loved hard. Her love was solid and steady, she remained by her friends’ sides when they needed her the most. And, most importantly, she never left without telling you she loved you.

Sister was beauty, Sister was grace, Sister was above all, Love. Selfless love for the sake of love. And each of us who knew her are better people for it.

A viewing will be held at Harper-Ridgeview Funeral Chapel in Port Angeles on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. Public viewing from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Private family viewing from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Thursday, September 30, 2021, there will be a viewing at the Neah Bay Cemetery at 1 p.m. and the service will follow at 2 p.m.