2023 Predicitions

It is time again for my predictions …even though my predictions never come true.

So last year I brought back from 2020 the mass mask burning in Tillicum Park for 2021 …but as we all know …COVID is still with us, as well as a number of other bugs so … the masks, for some individuals and entities, are still sticking around for a while longer. I will revisit this in 2024.

Other predictions that did not happen, Betty White really did pass away, so that is sad. Also, Clallam Transit did not purchase any small ferry boats for Lake Crescent but they did start that micro-transit activity, so, I am going to call that a win …I know it is a stretch.

My rainfall prediction, so far, was way off too, I had suggested we would have 128-ish inches for 2022. But, with another week to go we are sitting at 93.36 inches, about 20 inches off of our average.

And if you have lived here long enough to know …we could actually get a bunch of rain by the end of next week so, I am not giving up on that prediction just yet.

And Karens of the world did not all change their names but I am sure they have really had enough.

So, for 2023 …

A few predictions.

In 2023 the World Health Organization will report that the Bird Flu and Monkey Pox have mutated together. They will call it “Flying Monkey Syndrome.” Thankfully the symptoms will not be life-threatening or even bad, but, those afflicted will have an uncontrollable urge to watch the Wizard of Oz over and over again.

In 2023 CNN will offer a two-part investigative report on what really goes on with your package when it goes to Tacoma then to Troutdale and then back to Tacoma and then back to Troutdale … I know I will watch because I currently have a package in Troutdale. The program will be called “Why does my package go farther away.”

Next football season the Seahawks will make it to the Super Bowl and in memory of Ruth we will all ride around with our music up loud and celebrate …she would just hate it! And we miss her.

And while writing this column …my package did make it out of Troutdale and it has been delivered!

Rain for 2023 …going more conservative, how about 109.34 inches.

And …

Last week I forgot to thank Linda Offutt and Dave Gedlund for their help selling the Shopping Spree tickets …sorry!

Happy New Year!

Christi Baron