A normal-ish Week and Pork in Government

Were the last two years just a bad dream …it was great to feel sort of back to normal last week as in-person meetings got underway and I saw faces I have not seen in two years and faces I have never seen before!

I told the checkers at Outfitters that it was great to see what they look like and they replied that it was great to breathe…again.

On Tuesday the West End Historical Society met for the first time since February 2020. Another first …two residents from Long Term Care were able to leave that facility and attend the meeting! There will be more outings for them in the future.

On Wednesday I attended three …could have been four in-person meetings!

The morning West End Business meeting has been meeting in person for a while at the Congregational Church Fellowship Hall where the room is large and people can spread out …also WEBPA is a bit of a rogue-ish group …but in a good way. Since I am president again this year for the millionth time …well not a million but …nobody else would do it. But, I am fine with it …sort of. If you are up at 7:30 a.m. drop by the meeting it is really a fun bunch and informal. We sometimes have guest speakers but many times just update on what is happening in town.

Chamber met at noon, Wednesday, for the first time in a long time at Blakeslee’s Bar and Grill. It was a good-sized crowd …I am the past president of Chamber although the new President was unable to make it so I agreed to sit in the president’s spot but I refused to speak ..much ..the public is also welcome to drop in at Chamber meetings. Both groups gladly welcome new members too.

Coming up on March 30 – Brian Pruiett, Candidate for State House 24th LD Republican, Position 2 will offer a Meet and Greet at both WEBPA in the morning and Chamber at noon.

Bogachiel Garden Club also met Wednesday afternoon in person and enjoyed delicious items made by Starla Daman and her new made-to-order bakery called A Bushel & A Peck. Starla rents the Community Center commercial kitchen to do her baking and the club meets at that building so …they were yummy. The club in addition to eating goodies also was updated on the DAR Elm Tree Project from Cynthia Bork and the upcoming plantings that will take place.

Local artist Carol Simons has created the signage that will go along with the plantings ..first in Forks and then Sequim and Port Angeles later.

Now for something not normal but FUN …

We have all have heard about getting Pork out of Government. (A metaphor for the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured primarily to bring money to a representative’s district.) Well, Pork showed up at government last Thursday. It was actually Jessica Hurley in her pig costume …visiting city hall. In keeping with the fact Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day Jessica named her swine alter ego “SHENANIGANS”…while government Pork is not wanted …she received a warm welcome at city hall.

Back to almost normal (just one day) Saturday was the Scholarship auction. It was great to see this wonderful Forks tradition happening again!

Christi Baron, Editor