Are you a Felon?

Dear Editor:

You may be a felon! Do you own a 10.22 Ruger Automatic Rifle that you and your family recently fired at one of our local DNR abandoned gravel pits?

If your duly elected legislators have their way you may be required to give up that 10.22 or any other automatic rifle, which includes that old Browning Auto, Remington Model 7 4, Winchester Model 100 rifle and etc.etc.etc.

Does this sound like “I have been looking too long in the glass?” No, I just happened to read what the 1-5 gang is going to push through this session of the Legislature, three proposed bills that radically change the current laws regarding firearms. Because #1639 was passed they will continue after the guns, typically ignoring the 2nd Amendment!

What else? You will no longer be able to drive to that gravel pit to shoot your target with that automatic that is transporting; the lnsley-Ferguson law makes that a felony too!

You can join your local Sportsmen’s Club and shoot there. Good luck with that considering space available and the securing methods of the shooting area.

Also, check with Port Angeles, it has been years of dead-end frustration in their attempt to site a shooting range.

Here is also a bit of good news that our elected wonders can no longer hide … their campaign contributions by bill sponsors. According to web site, House Bill 2240, banning high capacity magazines, has a war chest of nine-million dollars, House Bill 2241, Assault Weapons Bill has over 7 million dollars. That is a lot of “campaign donations” i.e. bribes; (strike that bad word) and just (mutter quietly) campaign contributions which is, in fact, grease for the political wheels.

We should thank Sound Publishing (credit owed, credit due) and other newspapers for their efforts in securing access to information formerly kept hidden and not available under disclosure laws, which exposed the agenda of our “lifetime” elected officials.

If they honestly had nothing to hide why are they mad at the judges and now considering changing the laws to ensure judges must comply also?

Go to the internet, you can find some scary stuff if you own even a few old shooting irons. They are after rifles now, but the 2019 Legislative Session was after handguns, no doubt they are next if our governor and attorney general have their way, also sharpened sticks, knives, or clubs will be up for grabs.


Phil Reed