Ask an Expert – FCH – What is the difference between a walk-in appointment and a same-day appointment?

Walk-In Appointments

Walk-in visits in a clinic setting are not pre-booked. You must physically walk into the clinic to be seen by a provider and then are seen in order of arrival or severity of your medical need. Walk-in patients do not call ahead.

Same-Day Appointments

Same-day appointments are just that; they are scheduled that day. We have a daily schedule for these visits and they are pre-booked by calling into the clinic the day of. With one provider serving this need, we have a limited number of those visits each day. For one provider the max is usually 18 to 20 in a day so if you need to be seen call early as appointments fill up fast.

Things to Remember

Bogachiel Clinic offers same-day appointments, not walk-in appointments.

Call Early! Same-day appointments are booked that day. All 18-20 appointments are often scheduled prior to lunch.

Same Day means THAT Day. Same-day appointments cannot be booked in advance.

Same-Day Care is NOT Primary Care. Same-day appointments should not replace visits with your primary care provider.

Barbara Schmidt – Clinic Administrator

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