Scam Alert Notice – Male impersonating Sheriff’s Sergeant and spoofing Sheriff’s Business Line

Dear Community,

We’ve received several calls recently from individuals in Jefferson and Clallam County who have been receiving phone calls from a male claiming to be Sgt. Michael Porter with the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office and the Caller ID reads “Clallam County Sheriff” with my phone number 360-417-2262. The male goes into an elaborate story about the person missing Jury Duty in U.S. District Court and proceeds to give a case number and says the call is being recorded for quality control purposes. He then says that the person can pay the fine by phone to avoid being arrested for missing Jury Duty.

The caller has been identified as a black male with a southern accent and this is a repeat from last year as the same description of the caller and jury duty scam was given by several complainants last year. He must have been successful in scamming people out of money or he wouldn’t be doing this again. So, please alert your friends and neighbors so they don’t fall victim to his scheme.

The complainants have said this person is very convincing and with our demographic in Clallam County we have the potential of our residents losing money to this criminal.

Lorraine Shore

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Coordinator