Dismayed by previous letter

Dismayed by previous letter

Dear Editor:

With regards to the letter to the editor July 27 and a related one Aug. 3, I would like to say that I am glad we have two very qualified and passionate people vying for the position of Mayor of Forks.

I am dismayed, however, that the July 27 letter continued to put forth misinformation and untrue statements attributed to one candidate that have been countered and corrected several times, the latest time in the Aug. 3 issue. To me, this is purposeful and vengeful, for whatever reasons.

I have been to several city council meetings where the issues of police chief, the Forks City Police, the sewer and the state of the city’s finances/budget have been discussed at length. At no time did I hear or witness what was stated in the letter to the editor July 27. Perhaps at one of the meetings I was not in attendance, some confusion caused the writer to misconstrue the facts? If so, the facts were clarified and restated again, more than once, in letters to the editor.

We will have a difficult choice, perhaps, on which candidate we want to lead our city, as both men, as stated above, are well informed, will work hard to do what is right, and will represent their constituents well. It is bad form to continue to denigrate a candidate and attribute to him falsehoods and misinformation. I get the feeling the writer of the letter to the editor July 27 believes this man would not be a good candidate because he has not been here “forever” and therefore is an “outsider” and would not work for the rest of us. This doesn’t even deserve further discussion.

If you are still unclear as to the facts involving the sewer, the hiring of a new police chief, the police department … anything involving this city of ours … please attend the city council meetings on the second and fourth Mondays (next one is Aug. 14) at 7:30 p.m. You can ask for clarification for any issue in the public comment time at the beginning of the meeting. You can get the facts and from there, make your choice for mayor in the November election.


Sherry Schaaf