Editor’s update on a letter seeking information on former Forks resident Kenneth George

Kenneth George enlisted in the Navy before finishing High School to fight in WW ll, Seaman 1st Class Gunner's Mate Striker.

The week before last the Forks Forum received a letter requesting help from a man named James R. Carr of Grand Rapids, MI. He was looking for a fellow Navy veteran, Kenneth George, with who he had served in Alaska.

I was able to determine who Kenneth was married to and then I ran into Gladys Allen in the grocery store and asked her if she remembered Marian Stevens in school …as a matter of fact, she shared, that Kenneth and Marian used to live on Wood St., and over the years had stopped to visit with her and her husband when they traveled from their home in California.

Then I realized I had met Kenneth in 2009 when the George’s had come to Forks to settle up and sell some property of Marian’s uncle, near the former Steven’s Grove Mobile Home Park.

When talking with Gladys she said she was pretty certain Kenneth had died. So I did some research and sadly did discover that he passed in January 2018, but it appeared as though Marian was still living.

I shared her address with 92-year-old Mr. Carr and later in an email, he told me that he had sent her a letter. He said, “I sent Marian a postcard with my address and e-mail if she is interested in any data about my memories of Amchitka. I missed contacting Ken by a couple of years. Glad they had 68 years together. Carilon and I had 69 years together. Wonderful that there are few of us to live so long.”

I hope that Mr. Carr will let me know if he hears back!

Since we celebrate Veterans Days this week it was an honor to help two veterans find each other again, not the hoped-for outcome but at least answering some questions.

Editor, Christi Baron