Endorsing Black for Judge

Dear Editor,

I support John Black for judge of Clallam County District Court II. My name is Preston Kayes and was a drug and alcohol counselor for 17 years before moving to the Peninsula where I became the Clallam County Drug Court Coordinator, working with Superior Court Judge Ken Williams.

I held that position for 13 years before retiring here in Sequim. I’ve personally been in recovery for 38 years. I met John about 20 years ago while working as the Drug Court Coordinator, where we quickly became friends. John’s amazing story has always been one of inspiration not only to me but to those in Drug and DUI court.

John has told his story on several occasions both in Drug and DUI court and in state prisons. John has never made his story secret, and many have found it very inspirational. Through hard work, perseverance, and a strong support system within the 12 Step community, John is where he is today.

I fully endorse John for Clallam County District Court II judge and feel that he would be the perfect person to establish a DUI/Drug court on the West End. John has the right temperament and experience to be the judge that oversees District Court II. John knows first hand what its like to be in the offender’s shoes, and all the hard work it takes to better himself in recovery.

Once John was held accountable and faced his consequences, he began his recovery journey and became a successful and contributing member of the community. I happily endorse John Black for Clallam County District Court II Judge. I can’t think of a better person for the job! John is hardworking and capable of modernizing the court.

John will help to heal the communities on the West End from the drug epidemic we now face.

Vote John Black for Clallam County District Court II Judge!


Preston Kayes