Forks Mayor responds to Rain Forest MHP issue and housing

Dear Editor,

The Rain Forest mobile home park has brought our housing issues to the headlines.

We have three large employers setting up their businesses here and have started to hire employees, bring the potential creation of 100 new jobs.

Forks like all of the other cities in Clallam County is in a growth cycle, we are feeling those pains and housing is currently our largest.

Forks and the Westend has and will continue to experience an even more complicated housing issue with this growth. As others have stated, some space is available in the mobile home parks, but that’s definitely not going to meet our future housing demands during our gold rush.

The city will do its part, with what it has, but this predicted growth in housing is much larger than we can currently provide services for and will need help from county, state and federal agencies to expand them.

I encourage outside investment to help us develop our Westend community’s future, something that we all can help plan for and be a part of.

Tim Fletcher

Mayor, City of Forks