Good Samaritans to the Rescue

Dear Editor,

This is a Thank you and a tribute to young folks who spotted old folks in trouble and came to assist.

We backed our boat down the ramp at Lake Pleasant and had some difficulty. As we pulled the boat and trailer up trying to right the angle, a wheel slipped off the ramp and we were in a fix. Dustin Larkin observed our plight and volunteered to lift the trailer back onto the ramp. Hurray! After successfully testing out the motor in a little spin on the lake, we put the boat back on the trailer and pulled it up the ramp. Dustin again was observant and noticed that the wheel in question was now flat.

After searching our truck for a jack unsuccessfully, we asked some nearby young folks relaxing after a swim, if they had a jack. When they discovered they did not, they went into action with energy and creative decision-making. They thought of using a log for a jack, and two went to get a log from a nearby house. One of the girls came running back barefoot carrying the log. They lifted the boat and trailer onto the “log/jack” and went to work taking off the flat tire and replacing it with our spare.

We were delighted to be rescued by kind and energetic young people. We are grateful for their cheerful ingenuity and kindness.

Nancy Messmer and Roy Morris. Sekiu