Goodbye John …

I want to acknowledge this week the passing of John Leavitt. Over the past 10 years, I have used many of John’s photos in the newspaper, the covers of the Twilight map publications, and in both the summer and winter visitor guides. On social media, each month when I do the ‘Weather Facts’ I often grab one of John’s photos that fits the season; the Fairholme daffodils, Lake Crescent Forget-me-nots, a Rialto Beach sunset,….and more …John’s photos captured the beauty of our area. Many times John went the extra mile to get a shot and sometimes got caught in a wave or some other predicament, sometimes even damaging his equipment!

John always said yes to using his photos.

The last time I saw John was a few months ago when we both came to the rescue of a couple of fawns whose mother had jumped the cemetery fence. She was on one side they on the other. When I stopped to help I noticed another vehicle had stopped ahead of me. It was John, together we got them safely under the fence and reunited the family. John …you will be missed.

Makers Market this Weekend

The Rainforest Council for the Arts is sponsoring the Makers Market on Saturday, Nov. 11 from 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday, Nov. 12 from 11 am – 3 pm. The market will take place at the Rainforest Art Center. There will be handmade items, locally sourced salve and soap scrubs, laser-cut wood ornaments, metal work, crocheted figurines, embroidered towels, and more! High school senior parents are also vending at the market.

There will be a basket raffle to raise the final money needed to purchase the piano for long-term care, which should be delivered this month!

Christi Baron, Editor