Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds

Dear Editor,

Did you know there are Herkimer Diamonds to be found in the Forks area? Herkimer Diamonds are named after the double terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer, New York. But they are also found in the Forks area. Or at least, Arlene and I found a small cup full on an old logging road running east off of the Olympic Correction Center road, circa 1990.

Somewhere past where the big bend in the paved road turns south, we turned east up an old logging road early one summer day. It was probably at least a couple of miles off the paved road winding higher and higher. If you are on top of a hill you went too far.

The roadside was banked with a light brownish clay mix. As the sun bounced off the right side of the road we noticed “sparkles in the dirt.” When we inspected what was sparkling we were amazed to find beautiful little double terminated quartz crystals about ½ inch in length. Each crystal is well shaped with a faceted point on each end.

We still have the collection and it is part of a display of interesting natural history items we found over a period of 35 years living in Forks. The diamonds are not especially valuable, but they are crystal clear and well faceted just as they are found. A few years later we tried to find the location but to no avail. I am sure there must be thousands of them in the soil, but a person needs to find the location. The above description is the best I can offer, but even if you don’t find any, the pleasure of being outdoors with nature is well worth the trip.

Bob and Arlene Zornes

Lived in and around Forks from 1973 to 2014.