Influencing voters?

Dear Editor,

Just saying. Did anyone of reasonable mind notice the terminology used in the voter pamphlet, concerning the firearms initiative? It seemed to me then as it does now, that the people who developed the pamphlet chose phraseology which is targeted to elicit a certain type of vote.

A vote based solely upon emotion as opposed to reasoned and informed ballotting.

The term which was chosen for use is; semi-automatic assault rifles and pistols. Kind of makes it seems as if they wanted to make them sound evil and scary so voters would forfeit thinking for emotion.

Here’s the good part (sarcasm intended). This includes semi-automatic 22 rifles and other hunting caliber rifles and pistols mean handguns. Get a clue, folks! Your legally purchased firearms could or will make you a felon in Washington State.

If this measure goes forward.

Gene Barker