Join me in voting for Tim Fletcher

Join me in voting for Tim Fletcher

Dear Editor,

It’s time to choose our new mayor and I am asking you to join me in voting for Tim Fletcher. Tim and his family are part of generations that have worked hard to make Forks and the West End a great place to live and work.

He understands the challenges of working in the woods because he has done it. He worked for many years to help bring the first generation of internet broadband to our community. Now he is ready to help bring the next generation of technology to our community.

He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to work with the folks of the West End. Now he wants to work to make our town safer and better off. Tim understands that our community has to not only work with others but also be willing to stand on our own when needed.

He is the person I believe can do the job of Mayor without believing everyone has to do it all his way. He can work with the City’s staff and give them the direction and support they need in the work they do for this town.

He can work with our friends on the Quileute Tribal Council to ensure our community is a place where everyone can find a

job, raise a family, and enjoy this place we call home. As the former Mayor, I can speak with certainty about the person needed in that position. Tim Fletcher is the only candidate I can see, who can do the job, do it well, and do it to for everyone on the West End. Please join me in voting for our next Mayor, Tim Fletcher.

Phil Arbeiter

Former Forks Mayor – 1994-2001