Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Throw the bum out!

Dear Editor,

I’m talking about Jon Preston and his lackluster four years on city council. Talk about a low bar. If you were to ask him what he thought about the last city council meeting, he might reply, “that was the best nap I’ve ever had.” Or, perhaps inquire how he would fix the homeless crisis; a likely response would be, “I don’t have any idea”.

His existence defines cluelessness. He’s mean to kids and makes them go to school. The checkers’ mantra at Thriftway is, “please don’t pick my checkstand, please don’t pick my checkstand.”

Jon Preston is always THAT person in line who is always in front of you! He could also stand to lose a few pounds, too. Hey Jon! How about a little more time in the gym than Blakeslee’s! He has also been seen with his dog off leash! Can you believe it! Yep, it’s time to throw that bum out and elect someone who is more capable. That includes just about everyone in town. Filing period to run for office is May 13 through May 17. Step up and make a difference.


Jon Preston

Forks, WA

Upcoming Tsunami drill

Dear Editor,

Area agencies and others attended a meeting last Thursday at Forks City Hall about the upcoming Coast Guard Tsunami Drill.

One of the main points of this meeting was to make sure residents are well informed about this drill and don’t panic if they see the Coast Guard launching boats and evacuating the station, possibly armed and heading uphill away from the water.

Mike Carola who is in command of the Coast Guard station in La Push and Shawn his operations officer shared the basics of what will be happening in the upcoming drill along with their communications capabilities. They also discussed what we could do to communicate with one another and what aid they might be able to render. Many questions were answered and some possible operational aids were updated.

Sergeant Anderson, Rod Fleck, and John Richmond of the ARES team were also in attendance.

There was a lot of information shared by Sergeant Anderson and Rod regarding contact numbers, logistics and possible locations for temporary operations centers. ARES shared its operational frequencies and general procedures.

The next communication that everyone should receive will come from Mike Carola of the Coast Guard. The invitation is still being extended to participate/observe during the drill although he doesn’t expect too much activity. And it was fully advised that everyone be invited to attend the next West End Emergency Operational Meeting to hear the after action report from the drill.

The Tsunami Drill is May 21 and there may be a meeting the day before. The next West End Operations meeting will be May 30 at 1 p.m. at the Sheriff substation.

Joe Wright


In awe of our kids!

Dear Editor

I am in the midst of reviewing 11 applications for a modest college scholarship from the Clallam County Bar. (there are more than 11 kids competing and I am not the only reviewer!) I don’t often get a close look at our school kids. Every application is amazing in its own way; it will be a tough choice to make any recommendation. Kudos to the parents and teachers, but also to all you hard-working, deserving seniors! This gives me hope for the future. Our small community never fails to amaze me (all those funds we raise in auctions).

Don’t forget the MATE robotics competition at the Forks Aquatic and Athletic Center is this Saturday, May 18. If you want to volunteer to judge either presentations of teams’ little business ventures or how their robots operate in the pool, get in touch with Nicole Harris, [email protected] This is another activity that leaves me in awe of our kids.

Katie Krueger

Forks, WA