New city council member and ….Museum sets record attendance

At Forks city council on Monday, Nov. 14 three individuals expressed interest in becoming a member of the council. Joseph Echeita, Vilkesh Patel and Jason Huling were asking to be considered for the position recently vacated by Mike Gilstrap. Joseph unsuccessfully ran for council last election cycle and stated to the council that “he loved this town” and wanted to get involved. He also said he was active in other aspects of the community as a girl’s basketball coach. “I am an approachable guy,” Joseph said. When asked about goals he said working for better infrastructure and faster internet would be on the list.

Forks business owner Vilkesh Patel also spoke of his interest in the position. Vilkesh said he had come from a large city to Forks and has been “very welcomed” during his time here. He also shared that he had purchased two businesses; Town Motel and Far West Motel, and has continued to upgrade and improve the properties. “I want Forks to make a good impression on people who visit here.” Improvements to Tillicum Park would be on his list of goals and more wintertime activities.

Council member Juanita Weissenfels made a motion to appoint Joseph Echeita. It was seconded by council member Joe Soha. The motion was approved by Clint Wood, Soha, and Weissenfels. Council member Jeff Gingell opposed the motion and made a motion to nominate Jason Huling. Jason Huling was not present at the meeting.

Joseph will be sworn in at an upcoming meeting.

Museum welcomes 10,000th visitor

On Sunday afternoon, Nov. 20, the Forks Timber Museum welcomed its 10,000th visitor of 2022, a young woman named Elena Atamanchuk. She and her husband Samuel are Ukrainian refugees now living in Arlington. They were visiting Forks and the West End for the weekend and had spent the night at La Push before coming to the museum.

This was an important milestone for the Forks Timber Museum, breaking the previous annual attendance record by more than 3,000. Museum President Tom Rosmond said, “It is an indication of the growing popularity of the museum with out-of-town visitors, and we encourage local residents to come by and see the many exhibits recently added.”

Annual and lifetime museum membership for individuals and families is available and entitles members unlimited visits. Think about supporting the museum ….Stop by the museum and see what you are missing and what 10,000 others have taken the time to see!

Happy Thanksgiving

Christi Baron, Editor