New VIC service is a real hit

New VIC service is a real hit

The Forks Visitor Center recently implemented a service to assist tourists that find themselves on the West End without lodging lined up. They recently received these two letters of thanks!

Last-minute lodging

We arrived in Forks mid-evening yesterday, July 28, and no vacancy signs were up everywhere. Consternation.

However, a gentleman at one motel gave us a last-minute lodging card from the Forks Chamber of Commerce visitor information center……. one after-hours call to Cherie..and she supplied us with phone numbers to where we would still find beds.

We shortly had a place to rest our heads at Deb’s, a few miles out of town.

It couldn’t have been nicer, spick and span comfortable cottage in a farm setting … fields and trees and quiet. And Deb was very welcoming and helpful, providing us with breakfast bagels and orange juice … so kind.

What a wonderful service you have for travelers … all concerned are to be commended.

Thank you very much.

Maria Saldana and Simon Houghton,

Tasmania, Australia

And another one ….

Thank you

Please can this be forwarded to the line manager of the woman who was on accommodation duty last night (29 July). I arrived just before 2100 to find “no vacancy” signs at every motel. One place gave the Chamber of Commerce number but it was answered until 2100. By this time it was 2110 and there was no answer. I resigned myself to us sleeping in the car. Soon after the woman on duty rang and apologized for not answering the phone but she was on the phone to Debbie, who did have a bed.

Said woman then rang me (though I had not been able to leave a number) and we got accommodation.

I am most impressed at this level of service. I had not expected the Chamber of Commerce to provide an accommodation match up service and certainly not so late. Furthermore, if the woman on duty were due to go home we really appreciate that she made contact when there was no expectation of contact.

Please can you thank her and if you have a staff recognition system then she is worthy of recognition.

And if the person reading this was the helpful one, please forward, with our immense thanks.

Most sincerely,

Philippa Drayton and Jim Nieman,

Diamond Harbour, 8971, New Zealand

(if you ever want a bed!)