No Relay this Summer

Dear Editor,

It is with great sadness I announce a loss to our community — Relay For Life.

There will be no Relay this summer. We are taking a break for 2018.

Relay For Life has been part of the community since 2003. It has succeeded because of the many dedicated volunteers, who generously donated their time, talent, treasure, and leadership. A heartfelt thank you to all these special volunteers, to all the businesses that supported us, and to Relay participants.

Even though there will be no Relay For Life in Forks this summer, the American Cancer Society deserves your continued support and generosity to sustain their work of saving lives and creating more birthdays. ACS will always support those in need, answer questions, and help any way they can. You can contact them 24/7 at 1-800-2276-2345 or online at

We are hoping to regroup next year, with a bigger and better DIY event. In 2019, our Relay will be completely volunteer led, with little or no staff support, using DIY tools and resources. This means we have the exciting opportunity to try new things, dream bigger than ever, and challenge our community to rally together to end cancer. We encourage you to stay active and engaged. We will need new leadership, support and assistance to bring back Relay For Life in 2019. Watch our Facebook page for updates,

Thank you again for your support and for understanding. For questions, concerns or to get involved, please contact Cindy Mesenbrink at [email protected]

Cindy Mesembrink