Odds and Ends

March 5, 2021

“As of now, China owns 30 million acres of U.S. soil.”—Jeff Brodeur in “The Graybeards,” (Korean War magazine, Jan-Feb, 21

Andersonville: This notorious prison camp was located in south Georgia It grew to 26 acres to accommodate 10,000 men, but held as many as 72,000. A polluted stream ran through it and shelters were banned. There was virtually no medical treatment available and few rations provided. The South could hardly feed its own troops. Commander Wirz was later hanged. It should be noted that the North had similar facilities even though there was no food shortage.

Who wrote the following:

“Afoot and light-hearted, I take the open road

Healthy, free, the world before me

The long brown path before me, leading where I choose.”

(A) Thomas Gray: (B) Walt Whitman; (C) Sidney Lanier; (D) Robert Frost

(Answer below)

Incredibly, a large Jewish hospital existed throughout WWII in Berlin, the heart of Hitler’s Germany. (Silver, “Refuge in Hell.)

Prior to the mob attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, there were only two other occasions when the lives of legislators were threatened. The first, which I recall, happened in 1954 when four Puerto Rican nationalists fired their pistols from the House gallery at the members below, wounding five of them. The islanders were given long prison terms, but in 1978 President Carter commuted their sentences The other incident happened in the War of 1812 when the British ruled the seas and Americans were far from united. When the Brits advanced on the newly built White House, Dolley Madison, wife of the President (actually her slaves) saved a priceless portrait of George Washington. The English torched the building and much of the town as well.

A few days ago when I was on my daily walk, I met a large German shepherd with a little woman on his leash. The dog leaped at me and put a gash in my right hand. The wound has since healed. Has anyone out there had a similar experience?

Answer to quote: (B) Walt Whitman

Bob Hall