Regarding Divine Guidance

Regarding the March 15 letter’s to the editor titled: “Divine Guidance”

This was/is an extremely uplifting awesomely articulate and succinct letter that accurately describes what is truly needed right now and especially right here in this tiny Pacific Northwest fledgeling city to grow it into a full fledged city honoring Our great country of America!

If the “griper” had bothered to read the writing on the money in their pocket they would have clearly seen the words “in GOD we trust” also I’m hoping they might even know the words to our National Anthem and realize who Blessed America if these words cause the “griper” to continue grumbling about our society they certainly are welcome to and have the “free will” to move out of America to a country withan authoritarian communist government forbidding any religious expression but … before they do this it would behoove them to remember that all mankind has been given “free will” by the one who created ALL of us and gave our American pioneers a great country in which they and we are ALL free to express our belief!


Stephen Gordon Gracey

AKA “Gordy”