Remembering Pete

I was sad to read that Pete Jacobson died in 2014. Pete was one of the most interesting people Forks ever enjoyed. I used to do some logging deals with Pete back in the late 1970s. He always said he owned scrap iron for logging equipment. He could run a cable shovel for loading logs like eating a piece of cake. A big loveable guy with a normal voice that could be heard two blocks away.

One morning (5 a.m.) I heard Pete at my front door. I jumped out of bed only to find out he was talking to Bill at Bill’s Texaco a block away. He didn’t try to talk loud it just came out that way in a wholesome deep throated way. What a great guy. In 1981 the logging bust hit big time.

Pete was the only one out of many that honored his word, even when it hurt. I returned the favor a few years later by giving him 5 acres of land out at Mora. Goodbye Pete. I have told stories about you a hundred times over the years.

Robert Zornes

Forks resident 1973 to 2015.