August 5, 2021 your WDFW announced that they will seek applicants for an ad-hoc coastal steelhead advisory group to help develop management plans for the state’s coastal steelhead populations and fisheries.

PURPOSE: According to WDFW, this advisory group is one component of extensive outreach WDFW is conducting to help guide the current and future management of steelhead stocks on Washington’s coastal river systems. This advisory group is to help develop a plan to protect native and hatchery produced steelhead for each river system of Grays Harbor, Willapa Bay, and coastal Olympic peninsula.

According to Kelly Cunningham, director of WDFW’s Fish Program, “This advisory group will play a key role by providing input on the development of a long-term management strategy for coastal steelhead.”

He went on to state “These fish and fisheries are critical to coastal communities, and the conservation and long-term sustainability of these stocks are paramount.”

PROBLEM: All 12 members of this ad-hoc advisory group will be hand-picked by WDFW……

1. WDFW already has a long-term management plan for coastal steelhead, and unfortunately it does not include the interests of coastal communities…..

2. This ‘hand-picked” ad-hoc advisory group will be used provide cover and support for WDFW’S long-term plan…..

3. Implementation of the “no fishing from a floating device” rule in December of 2020 certainly provides undeniable testimony to, and a clear demonstration of, Kelly Cunningham’s real level of concern for coastal communities….

4. Neither WDFW – nor the State – has the will or testicular fortitude to initiate the action necessary to protect and enhance the resource and prevent further economic harm to coastal communities. In fact, politically, it appears the exact opposite may be true.

The answer is clear, but not simple. Killing of native steelhead must stop immediately. And just how are native steelhead being killed?

SPORTS FISHERMAN (100 % catch and release) 0% MORTALITY


Nearly 50 years of annual steelhead tribal net harvest exceeding 50% of returns has devastated this resource. WDFW’s stopping fishing from a floating device is not only inconsequential to the resource – but also an affront to one’s intelligence. THE KILLING MUST STOP!

Senator Van de Wege is the lead in submitting legislation (SB5199), at the behest of the Washington State Attorney General, that appears to favor a support of continued tribal contributions to Party as opposed to coastal community constituency. I strongly encourage you to let him know how you feel at [email protected]

Jerry Effenberger

Concerned Citizen

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