Stop Sharing Recipes

An analogy, if you will:

I don’t care for avocados, never have, and may never in the future. Many of my friends do, and that’s fine.

Among those friends, some have their own favorite recipes but they understand some may not like that particular concoction- and they’re fine with that.

They don’t foist their fare upon me, and I don’t demand they cease partaking of their enjoyment just because I don’t care for it.

We were all quite content, each in our own little world of avocados, or world without, knowing others did- or did not- agree with us, and we could live with that.

Then a few groups deemed their avocado delight must be shared with everyone. Sometimes, they knock on your door to tell you about their recipes, even though you have told them, “No” time after time, telling them you either have your own recipe or you don’t care for avocados.

We would expect people to honor our choices, have empathy, and leave us to our own path, willingly placing a check on their arrogance.

But, they don’t, do they? Currently, a group has decided we all need their recipe and have deemed our City Council meeting…. oh? Oh! You get where I’m going with this?

Great. Then you understand people have their own paths towards happiness and fulfillment and do not need to buy a ticket on your bus.

That’s your trip, not ours.

Dave Youngberg