Supporting Fletcher for Mayor

Dear Editor,

I support Tim Fletcher for Mayor. Tim previously served as a Forks City Council Member. He has worked in many areas of Forks employment in both government and private enterprises. His 20 years working in the logging industry gives him insight into the complications of managing a valuable resource for this community.

Also, his 20 years in network administration with Forks Community Hospital and the Quillayute Valley School District provides him with an understanding of how important technology is to this region. He was a key player in the Integrated Community Network to bring broadband to this rural region collaborating with the city, school, and hospital. Now Microsoft has asked Forks to be “at the table” for an innovative new broadband project and Tim is the perfect person to lead that initiative.

Tim understands how important it is to keep our city services in Forks like the jail, police department, courts and prosecuting attorney and not outsource them to Clallam County as happened with the loss of our local control over 911 services.

He wants to attack the drug problem in this community head-on. (The drug dealers must be concerned since they’ve been vandalizing Tim’s campaign signs.) Tim is looking forward to working with new Police Chief Mike Rowley. He is confident high standards of professionalism and a keen interest in our community will grow on our police force as they work together. Instead of wasting money on a “police outpost” at the Transit Center, as his opponent has proposed – Tim will ensure that our officers are out patrolling the streets, conducting building checks and not occupying another office.

Tim’s primary goal is to bring jobs to Forks. He wants to look at the broader West End area to pool our resources with the goal of bringing jobs to our region. He will look to citizen involvement for economic development. And he will make sure the City continues to petition the DNR for a sustainable harvest.

Tim’s proven record with the Lions Club, Elks, Rainy Day Gamers, and West End Youth League gives him the ability to harness the incredible volunteerism in this community.

He will be happy to work with the dedicated city staff and trust in their ability to do their jobs. Tim is an excellent choice to be your mayor.


Barb Gronseth