Supporting Judge Rohrer

Dear Editor,

For more than 40 years, I have worked in the courtrooms of Clallam County as a judge and lawyer. I know which judges work effectively with dedication to the post, which judges are courteous and wise and which judges are able to efficiently administer an office and budget.

Behind the popular vision of a judge sitting on the bench, there exists a myriad of responsibilities the public rarely sees. In many respects, the performance of those challenges is an equally important barometer of whether a judge is competent.

Judge Erik Rohrer has successfully served as a “Judge” with all the responsibilities and tasks associated with this position since originally taking over as the District Court 2 Judge in 2001. His election to the Clallam County Superior Court in 2012, where he is currently the presiding Superior Court Judge, simply diversified and intensified those responsibilities.

Judge Rohrer is thorough, contemplative and respectful as a person and a judge. As a problem-solver by nature, Rohrer identifies challenges and works toward solutions. His diverse legal background reflects extensive civil and criminal trial experience, including representing businesses, individuals and the State of Washington.

Further, he is a serious student of the law, issuing decisions that are well-reasoned, fair and just. Judge Rohrer’s record is impeccable and his service to the Clallam County community-especially here on the West End-is extraordinary. Judge Rohrer and his wife, Cari, have lived here in the West End since moving here in 2001 and continue to give freely of their time and finances to several local community

organizations. Oftentimes, their support is given without recognition or public knowledge.

We have the unique opportunity to elect a candidate who has repeatedly proven himself to be an advocate for our community and for our court over the past 18 years. Judge Rohrer is the honorable, credible, and high-quality judge the West End needs and deserves. Please join me in voting to bring Judge Rohrer back to District Court 2.

John Doherty