The Best of Our Community and Hillary and Donald

The Best of Our Community and Hillary and Donald

By Christi Baron

Forks Forum Editor

Last week I talked about the bad in our community … the crime … this week the good will be addressed, which is way more fun.

I will start with Forks Community Hospital’s Long Term Care (LTC). For the sixth year in a row, they have been awarded a perfect annual survey, zero deficiencies, something not seen at any other facility in our state! (A staff photo is on the front page.)

In September of 2015, I had sat down with then LTC director Karen Keller and Vicky Goakey, RN, at LTC. Before I had a chance to write up the story on LTC’s fifth perfect survey, the turmoil that was going on at the hospital overshadowed this success. One of the administrators, that is now gone, asked me to wait on the story. Sadly, this great accomplishment then got lost in the sea of notes that occupy my desk. Luckily I found them!

During that interview in 2015, Keller and Goakey explained the process that happens for the annual survey. The facility is given a window of about seven months of when the DSHS inspectors will arrive. The facility does not know the exact time they will arrive and then stay for two days going over everything!

Keller explained that it is a group effort every day and staff must not just prepare for the inspection, to be deficiency free … they must live it every day. They prepare year-round. But, this does not mean that staff members are machines that just work toward perfection … they are loving human beings that truly care for the residents and their families, which is what really makes LTC such a special facility.

Keller and Goakey told me about special events like the “High School Prom” that was organized by staff on their own time. Every resident was involved. Keller described it as the intangible that make LTC such an amazing facility.

They also explained that it is difficult to make a hospital room homey but the trend is to do just that.

At the time of the interview, Keller was looking at retiring soon. She said, “It has been a privilege to work with people like Vicky who are dedicated to this facility.” “It has been a privilege to watch LTC grow, while we are not perfect we are deficiency free!” Keller had been LTC director since 1994 and has retired.

And now for the sixth year in a row they have done it again! Congratulations LTC, we are so fortunate to have you!

Chamber Wine and Cheese

The Annual Wine and Cheese event will take place Saturday at the RAC from 7-10 p.m. In addition to being a fundraiser for the Visitor Center, community members also are honored during the evening.

Up for Citizen of the Year are Linda Stonehocker, Frank Hanson and John Glover. Volunteer nominees for 2016 are Sue Shane, Joseph Wright and Glenn King. The Business of the Year nominees are Forks Outfitters and the Forks Forum.

I know the winners but you are going to have to come to find out! So, head on down to the RAC Saturday evening for great music by Loose Gravel, silent auction fun, yummy snacks, wine, beer, root beer and some really nice people that make a difference in our community.

Hillary and Donald

By the time you are reading this, most likely we will know who our next president is? Or maybe not … Personally, I wonder if the office of President has run its course. The candidates we are spoon-fed by the media all have so much baggage, some have steamer trunks, full of questionable past life experiences that become the topic of the election instead of the big problems facing our country … But on a lighter note … the Forks Assembly of God held an event on Halloween night called Truck or Treat. It was a huge success, so much so that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump actually took time off from ranting about each other to make an appearance.

OK, the photo seen here is not really them but actually our very own friendly Forks pharmacists, Linda and Stan Peterson. Very well played!

So my fellow Americans, here is hoping the next four years are good for you no matter the outcome of this crazy election!