Traffic lights and crosswalks

Dear Editor,

On the very positive side, Forks has welcomed many tourists already this year! A great opportunity for our local businesses and economy to benefit as tourists come to Forks and patronize lodging, shopping, restaurants, all good stuff!

However, the only traffic light in Forks has been blocked off, shutting off the entire Eastern portion of our City. There is no safe way to cross US 101 headed West.

We need regular traffic lights installed at the junction of US 101 and Calawah Way, and at the junction of US 101 and Bogachiel Way.

Historically, deaths drive installation of traffic lights. We can do better than this. Do we have to wait for another pedestrian death while we irresponsibly block the only traffic light in the City during the highest volume of traffic? This is a gross disservice to all of us.

Please take the responsible steps to provide for both traffic and pedestrian safety, both of which are crucial to us as residents and to all tourists visiting our fair City.


We still have no crosswalks North of Calawah Way nor South of the Clallam Transit Center. Please take the responsible steps, be it with the City of Forks, or with the State of Washington, to address the need for crosswalks within our City which will make for greater pedestrian safety as people cross US 101.

Thank you,

William L. Plumley