Trampling on the Constitution

Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my disappointment about recent events that have blown up on social media. It appears that we had some people here attempting to voice their feelings, using their first amendment rights by protesting the noise of the growlers that train above Forks. I am a big believer in people’s rights, the right to free speech, as well as the right to bear arms to secure that freedom of speech.

I find it interesting that in our present political climate, we have become so polarized in our beliefs. It’s becoming completely over the top. We’ve sat back and listened to terms such as fake news, and we’ve witnessed people hurdling names at others in the attempt to undermine our very foundation of free speech. We have leaders in politics that are also supporting this attempt to silence people’s freedom of speech, using various tactics.

We should not forget that the reason we considered certain countries our enemies, during the cold war, and presently, is because the leaders of those countries began controlling their citizens using controlled media, propaganda, controlled arms, and by trampling down the rights of their citizens to free speech.

Now, let me get back to the topic at hand. Last week, there was a post made on social media, by our Mayor, claiming that ”hippies” had littered the area with their protest signs, or as he described the signs, “their trash”, signs protesting the noise caused by Navy growlers’ overhead training. The Mayor also posted a picture of the signs laying on grass and made negative comments about our citizens (citizens that were exercising their first amendment rights).

Many people in Forks saw this group at the RAC, on Wednesday afternoon, so I ask everyone to use their thinking caps for a minute and think to themselves. Where is the grass that the signs were on at the RAC? There isn’t any.

It was reported on social media, by our Mayor, that the signs were left behind, but he did not post any pictures depicting them strewn about on the sidewalk, near the RAC. His photo, along with the fake news that originated with him, was then perpetuated by many people who blindly followed the propaganda of negativity against those who exercised their freedom of speech.

We wonder about the fake news/media and the people who follow it. Who believes the BS that expensive signs, and banners, were just strewn about and left behind? Are you really seeing things for what they are? Are you OK with others attempting to trample the freedom of speech of others, even if you disagree with them? Are you ok with politicians making up propaganda about people they disagree with, in an attempt to stifle the rights of citizens, in a supposedly free country? I am not! I did not serve my country, for twenty years, to have some person try to trample on the Constitution of the United States of America like it is nothing.

I truly find it funny how many people will talk about their rights, but in the same breath, will state what people should, or should not, believe. Freedom of speech comes in many forms…..Kneeling during the anthem, wearing a MAGA hat, protesting on behalf of what they feel is important, and yes, even burning the flag. I may not always agree, but it is their right as citizens. I am for the Constitution, and the rights of those who are willing to exercise those rights, and that it why I served my country. I wanted to guarantee the freedom of our country’s citizens to exercise their rights, as per the Constitution. I abhor tyrants that attempt to trample upon the Constitution, regardless of whether they are a politician or a citizen.

I also find it interesting that people who are usually the most vocal about who is patriotic, or not, are usually the same people who did not serve their country, for one term, or as I did, for twenty years. As far as those who feel that people who don’t like the Growlers overhead are communist. I guess I must be communist, because after twenty years in the service, and hearing jets flying overhead on “real” missions, this sound is not the sound of freedom, but the sound of death and destruction to me (I do understand that some of you may not understand what that looks like in real life terms).

I want to simply go out into the woods and enjoy the silence that the woods bring. If you want to hear jets fly overhead, move to the city, and enjoy. I live out here because I enjoy the area and the comradery of likeminded people. (However, I thought most people here believed in supporting the Constitution, the celebration of their freedoms, and had the grit to face issues without resorting to childish games.)

Can we stop letting those who are attempting to trample on the Constitution, trample on it? Can we stop believing the propaganda that people are trying to hand feed us and control us with? Let’s start holding those attempting to stifle not only on our own rights, but the rights of others, accountable. Let’s not applaud them, nor let them go unchallenged……unless you are a communist who does not believe that the Constitution is the important document I believe it is. If you would like to know where I served, and in what capacity, feel free to ask. Please don’t assume where I have been, or what I have done, during my time in the service.


George ‘Dan’ James

U.S. Coast Guard, Retired