We have a problem …

Well, we have more than one problem, but recently a problem that we have not had a lot of for a few years is back. Over the weekend Josh Gray shared his concerns on Facebook that graffiti is back in a big way at Tillicum Park. And this graffiti can even be dangerous to those who use the skatepark.

A very upset Josh Gray shared the following on Social Media …

“I’m making this post to try and find out who is painting this trash all over our park. I’m sure someone will recognize whose work this is whether it be a friend, a teacher, or otherwise. When we worked our asses off to get this park built in 2008 we did everything we could to keep this crap out. It’s a skatepark, not an art gallery.

It makes me particularly upset because the paint is slippery to skate on! As of right now, it shouldn’t be too bad but if the city were to come and paint over this with the deadly grey paint I’ve been unfortunate enough to see at way too many skateparks, then the park would be an ice skating rink.

That grey paint cities use on hundreds of skateparks to cover graffiti is the slipperiest substance for skating on and poses real safety concerns also if there is a little more graffiti that paint is slippery too and also poses the same risk. Either way let’s do what Forks does and find out who did this, I just wanna talk …”

Josh offered a reward for information and several other community members also offered to contribute to the fund. The graffiti artists not only tagged the skatepark but also other buildings in the park as well as buildings in proximity to the park.

There have been cameras installed in the Park, but it is unknown if they cover the skatepark area.

Anyone with information can contact Gray on Facebook or the City of Forks.


In other news, I now have a working cell phone. While waiting for professional help to arrive I decided to give it one more try …and after downloading a current version of iTunes and being patient …it took a while …I was able to unlock my phone. So, if anyone needs help getting into their locked iPhone I am now an expert.

Christi Baron, Editor