Qinux ConeMob Charger Reviews – Should You Buy? Fake or Legit to Use?

Today’s chargers break very quickly due to constant movement and getting tangled, which leads to tearing. Of course, regular breakage of chargers has seen people spend vast amounts of money on replacements. Besides costing you lots of money, corded chargers also lead to suffering batteries and a shorter lifespan. Additionally, cable entries deteriorate, leading to faulty devices. Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems.

The Qinux ConeMob is a wireless charger compatible with 99% of smartphones and electronic devices. The device removes corded chargers and cables and offers a viable solution of one Charger that fits all. Read on to learn more about the revolutionary Qinux ConeMob that seeks to alter how people charge their electronics and gadgets.

What is Qinux ConeMob?

Qinux ConeMob is a foldable wireless charger that can charge up to 3 gadgets (smartphone, smartwatch, and headphones). This device can be folded to charge a smartphone and a smartwatch. All this is done wirelessly and fast charging.

The Qinux ConeMob is compatible with 99% of smartphones and electronic devices through wireless charging using the Qi standard.

The device is manufactured to eliminate the various charging wires that clutter most homes. It allows users to eliminate the many charging units they must carry while traveling or moving from one point to another. A single charger is capable of charging all of your gadgets and devices.

How Does Qinux ConeMob Work?

Qinux ConeMob is an easy-to-use device, and one needs no prior expertise to set it up. It is as easy as A B C. Just connect the device to a power source like a portable charger, laptop, or any other electronic device. Place the smartphone, headphones, or smartwatch on the charging stand. The devices will start charging instantly. The charging is quick and efficient. Enjoy the devices when fully charged after a few minutes.

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Qinux ConeMob Charger Main Features and Benefits

Here are some benefits that come with this revolutionary device:

3-in-1 Charger

The Qinux ConeMob is designed to charge three devices at a go. You can quickly assess your phone, smartwatch, and headphones instantly. This helps in freeing power output or sockets for other purposes. This also helps eliminate wires and cables, which make the house messy. You only need to plug the device into the socket and remove excess wires and cables.

Fast Charging

The Qinux ConeMob is specifically designed to ensure fast charging of your devices. It connects directly to the device batteries, providing fast charging. In minutes, your devices will be fully charged and ready for use.

100% Safe

The device is designed to protect and prolong the life of your electronic devices. It comes with anti-radiation, anti-fire, and short-circuit materials. This ensures that even the users are protected from harmful radiation that can cause health problems.

The device also has a stable base with magnetic support, which safeguards the connected devices from falling.

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Saves Money

Regular replacement of chargers is costly and adds to unplanned expenses. The Qinux ConeMob ensures that you will never spend money on a Charger again since the device is free of cables that break regularly.

The device is shock-resistant and comes with a durable, interchangeable cable.


The Qinux ConeMob is compatible with 99% of devices with wireless charging functions using the Qi standard. The device is ideal for generic phones such as smartphones, maxphones, and related gadgets.

Extends the Life of Smartphones

Charging phones using direct cables to the outlet can lead to early battery deterioration. Wireless charging is a better alternative. However, Qinux ConeMob helps in extending the lifetime of smartphones. Additionally, thanks to the wireless charging feature of Qinux ConeMob, it is possible to watch your favorite series or surf the internet while the device is still charging.

Travel Lighter

When traveling, carrying various cables for different devices is cumbersome, annoying, and increases the risk of losing some. However, with Qinux ConeMob, you don’t have to carry all those cables, which frees up more space in your travel bag or pockets.

How to Purchase Qinux ConeMob Charger

The Qinux ConeMob can be purchased from the official manufacturer’s site. This helps to eliminate third parties and imitations. It is easy to buy the gadget by adding the product to the shopping cart, selecting the delivery station, and completing the process by keying in the payment details. The manufacturer delivers the product to the chosen destination free of charge. The Qinux ConeMob is available at a 50% launching discount. The prices are as follows:

  • One unit: $59.00/ each
  • Two units: $63.50/each
  • Three units: $52.67/each
  • Five units: $33.80/each

For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: support@ecomgroupteam.com

Final Thoughts on Qinux ConeMob Charger

This revolutionary device seeks to change how people charge their appliances and electronics. Qinux ConeMob is a fast-charging device that can simultaneously charge up to three devices. It also protects the gadgets from damage. Head to the company’s official site and grab one at 50% before the stock runs out.


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