4th of July Fun Run

It wouldn’t be a Forks Fun Run without some rain. The day started nice, but runners got a cool drizzle for the 4th of July Fun Run.

The annual event, that has been organized by the Forks basketball team the last three years, lived up to its name of a “fun run”.

A variety of runners were out — first time racers to experienced marathoners. Parents and kids running together, friends strolling through town, taking the dog for a jog, and people recovering from injuries that just can’t miss the event! The best part of the event is always the finish line where you get to see fellow racers, families, friends, and community members cheer on racers as they come across the finish line!

The basketball team would like to thank the community for making sure this is such a great event and fundraiser for our team every year! We are so blessed to represent Forks!

Forks 4th of July Fun Run participants:

Robert Warner, Tina Warner, Robert Warner Sr., Tab Gaydeski, Chloe Gaydeski, Erica Bechtold, Kelly Shaner, Lucritia Stansbury, Sarah Huling, Sophia Huling, Tracy Gillett, Bradley Gillett, Russ Clark, Betsy Clark, Selina Foster, Noah Foster, Bodee West, Angie Pursley, Andy Pursley, Bobbi Reaves, Jason Earls, Nicole Earls, Connor Earls, Leilee Earls, Brittney Echeita, Josef Echeita, Alex Echeita, Laura Farrell, Verne Farrell, Tina Joseph, Char Carte, Dallas Huggins, Jessie Huggins, Amy Dilley, Avery Dilley, Kelly Thompson, Dominique McDonald, Justice Barnes, Mary Beth West, Ceili Jeanne West, Vicky Goakey, Charles Noble, Jackie Pleines, Sarah Steffen, Nathan Pursley, Amber Pursley, Alex Pursley, Lauren Pederson, DeAnne Horton, Renee Kennedy, Lindsey Wallerstedt, Julie Dannemiller, Diane Winters, Darci Weekes, Gina Fuhs, Grace Gooding, Rebekah Gooding, Kadie Wood, Amy Wood, Shannon Damron, Emery Damron, Barb Gronseth, Donna Medley, Carter Windle, Tristan Pisani, Emil West, Tyler Whidden, Hayden Baker, Donna Bankston, Lori Morris, Chad Morris, Devennie Anderson, Erika Anderson, Berlinda James, Christi Peterson, Eric Dunker, Tim Brown, Tina Moody, Brett Moody, Reece Moody, Paul Hampton, Erin Queen, Shannon Dahlgren, and Erin Tumua.

Thank you so much for everyone that participated and supported the Fun Run this year!!