Forks Old Fashioned 4th Demo Derby Results

After everyone sitting out last July 4th, due to COVID, the Demo Derby was back in full swing this year with over 3,000 spectators attending.

Powder Puff

1st Kaila Olin

2nd Skyer Dematties

3rd Cira Fagan

Big Car Heat 1

1st Garrid Larson

2nd Marshall Petrovich

3rd Reece Hagen

Big Car Heat 2

1st Treshawn Harris

2nd Rory Anderson

3rd Cole Charpilloz

Big Car Heat 3

1st Michael Dean

2nd Ty Leppell

3rd Derrick Beebe

Mini Youth Heat

1st Corbin Leppell

2nd Adrian Sanchez

3rd Garrett Dulin

Main Event

1st Garrid Larson

2nd Reece Hagen

3rd Marshall Petrovich

4th Don Olin

Most Aggressive Driver Rory Anderson

Wild Woman Skyler Dematties

Rookie of the year Martin Silva

Furthest Travelled Michael Dean

Best Paint Cole Charpilloz

Best Advertising Martin Silva

Sportsmanship Award Garrid Larson

Future All-Star Adrian Sanchez