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  • Wed May 22nd, 2019 1:38pm
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New Forks High School Football coach Trevor Highfield is welcomed to FHS by Spartan Athletic Director Kyle Weakley. Photo Christi Baron

New Forks High School Football coach Trevor Highfield is welcomed to FHS by Spartan Athletic Director Kyle Weakley. Photo Christi Baron

After talking with Forks High Schools’ new football coach, Trevor Highfield, last Friday, it might just be possible to say that next year’s football program will not only produce a good football team but also some great citizens.

Highfield’s football history includes playing at the University of Washington as an offensive lineman where he was coached by legend Don James.

He has spent the last 11 years at Louisburg College, a two-year school in North Carolina.

Last week Highfield spent time walking the halls of FHS, having lunch with students, and just stopping and talking with kids in the hall.

But why Forks?

Highfield’s friendship with Andrew and Margo Peterson and their positive description of our community caused Highfield to think Forks might be the perfect place to build a football program as well as bring his family.

“The Peterson’s told me about the quality of people here, then this opportunity came up, I was so impressed with the administration and their interview process; they did everything they said they would do.”

Highfield is no stranger to smalltown life, growing up in Colton, OR his dad commercial fished for salmon and his mom worked in a sawmill pulling chain. He is looking to bring this slower style of life to his family. “We just weren’t spending time together as a family, this move will give us more time together,” Highfield said.

Highfield, his wife Clare and children Haylijane age 11, and Kade age 10 will make the move to Forks sometime this summer. Oh, and dog Zoey.

Highfield said about his style of coaching, “The kids will know my heart, using structure and discipline, I never punish, do everything with love, so kids get better, I love football for what it can teach.”

“I will always tell my players the truth, but never in a mean way.” A handout that will be shared with parents and players shares this Mission Statement: We will work to build people of character and empathy who will go on to make a positive influence in the world.

Coach Highfield will have a young group of players to work with, QVSD AD Kyle Weakley said that there may be only one senior returning to next years’ team.

In addition to creating a family atmosphere for his team, Highfield will also stress academics. Team Captains will have to maintain above a 3.0 GPA.

“I am extremely excited to be here, I am thankful and honored to be the head coach of the Spartans,” Highfield said.

Meet the Coach

Wednesday at 6 p.m., in the high school commons, any community member interested in meeting the new coach is welcome to come. There will be coffee and snacks available.

Friday at 6 p.m., in the high school commons, all players and parents participating in the program will receive information on Spring Ball and Football Camp June 15-18 at Central Washington University (CWU).

Go Spartans!

Christi Baron